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If you are looking for effective alternatives in your quest for optimal health, this site is a valuable resource. It offers information, insights, methods, and products that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

Our programs and services are:

  • eclectic - meaning that we use ALL tools where appropriate including traditional as well as those alternative styles of medicine we have found to be effective;
  • scientific - meaning that they are firmly in alignment with what is and can be known about how our real world operates;
  • natural - because they are based on common sense; and
  • holistic - because they are founded on the idea that wellness is the result of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person existing in a place of dynamic balance. When that balance becomes disrupted in some way, disease becomes manifest.
Our methods of healing are focused on restoring that dynamic balance to the extent that it is possible. They involved La'au Lapa'au (herbal and nutritional protocols), Lomi-Lomi (physical therapies), and Ho'opono'pono (body/mind/spirit balancing therapies). Each method is based on principles derived from the ancient Hawai'ian system of wisdom known as Ho'ala Huna.

Our healing programs and protocols work effectively and reliably. We know because we've used them for over 20 years at the various healing and retreat centers we've operated to help thousands of people reclaim their lives.

We have worked hard on our site to make it as useful and user-friendly as possible. We want you find the ideas presented here worthwhile and supportive of your goal of achieving a state of vibrant aliveness.

When you do business with us, you support a family of people dedicated to loving our world. All proceeds of our operation are donated to the Ho'ala Huna Foundation in support of its holistic wellness programs.

Where the Best of Nature and Science Support Your Health

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